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HOTELS via EventConnect

GLWS has integrated the industry’s leading tournament management system, EventConnect.

Use this link to access Hotels for this year's event:

  • EventConnect is a convenient online web and mobile application built to help traveling teams access discounted event approved hotels.

  • All teams attending the Greater Lafayette World Series are encouraged to book their accommodations by submitting their hotel block/booking requests via the booking engine built into the EventConnect system.

Why use EventConnect? 

  1. GLWS and EventConnect have pre-selected sponsored hotels in order to provide teams with GLWS the best options on value, location and amenities.

  2. The ability for team managers to efficiently book their hotel reservations at a discounted rate.

  3. All each travelling participants the ability to customize their room reservations specific to their needs.

  4. Team Managers can set up a courtesy hold on rooms for the team free of charge!

For great visitor information about the Greater Lafayette area, visit

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