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Take me out to the ball game….Tippy Stars style!  We are not your typical team, and we do not play by traditional rules. We are, though, 4 teams of fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic kids playing one of America’s favorite past-time sports, baseball!  We call ourselves the
Tippy Stars, and we are celebrating the end of our 6th season.     

In 2010, the Tippy Stars was formed through Klondike Summer Recreation program with the hopes of providing individuals with physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to safely participate in baseball. For so many, the dream of playing ball is accomplished
with the help of volunteers, young and old, skilled or not, from all walks of life, and typically-abled teams and organizations who eagerly come to our games and support our players.  

Our season runs from May to the end of June. We play twice a week, on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.  The Tippy Stars invite teams from the area to their games.  Each player is paired up with a Star, and they become partners for the night. They provide the extra hand, feet, or agility our Tippy Star might need, and at the same time, the typical peer is given a chance to experience one-on-one interaction with children of special needs.  What starts out as a game of baseball
with very loose rules quickly becomes a lesson of acceptance and
inclusion. The ball park is a place of laughing and smiling, and together they share the riches of the game of life.

A quote from one of our veteran volunteers sums up working with Tippy Stars,”Helping the Tippy Stars is truly an amazing experience!  You get to help bring joy into these kids lives and also help them learn and play baseball.  Most importantly, though, they help us by showing us what it’s like to be carefree and how to make every situation positive.”  As you watch our game tonight, don't hold back.  We encourage you to clap, cheer, shout and encourage our players. We promise they will have you smiling and feeling hopeful, inspired!

If you have a team or child that would like to get involved with Tippy Stars next season please email Julie Smith at for more information.  To follow our teamplease “like” us on Facebook at Tippy Stars.  We are thankful to have this team for our children and the
opportunity to share our pride of their accomplishments with you at The Colt World Series.  This season is dedicated to Billy Frost (1997-2016), our Star in heaven.  

Let the fun begin! 

Team Green

Anthony Carpenter

Kaden Slone

Hannah Carpenter

Tommy Sondgerath

Colin Kisseberth

Audra King

Sierra Baxter

David Baxter

Frederico Romero

Kelle Krogmann

Brynlee Loft


Team Purple

Ian Humphrey

Camryn Brose

Josh Campbell

Kaleigh Singer

Eli VanGorder

Caida Darland

Jasmine Brown

Brady Walsh

Andrew "Bear" Viars

Marco Gutierrez

Evan Gant

Parker Gant



Team Blue

Christopher Grove

Evan Sondgerath

Will Roberts

Mitchell Buchanan

Ariel Heath

Isabella Burniske

Dylan Burroughs

Keegan Bryant

Christian Baxter

Justin Baxter

Sydney Turlo

Michael Hanggi


Team Orange

Charlie Nartowicz

Samuel Trinkle

Quentin Travers

Austin (Kohle) Harris

Ethan Flynn

Gabe Greeson

Landon Johnson

Sarah Mann

Chase Trzaskus

Christopher VanTuinen

Benjamin Boehm

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